Daniel Arias
Tourism consultant

last works


Railway and Industry history tour.

Design of a tourist product based on industrialization and migratory movements during the industrial revolution and before the arrival of the railway to the Gipuzkoan towns of Urretxu and Zumarraga.

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Camino de Santiago representation

The most important service for the development of aroundthecamino.com, consisting of support in the development of new products such as the Vía Podiensis or the Camino Portugues, as well as in the management of the routes, and a local contact service for one of the largest operators internationals on the Camino de Santiago. The work is carried out between Spain, France, Portugal and Australia.


Ignatian way promotion.

Promotion of the Ignatian Way in Australia.

The promotion was carried out in the State of Victoria and was promoted by the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council.

For the promotion,aroundthecamino.com organized an event with professionals working on the self-guided walks, In event participate a professional of tourism and local person from Gipuzkoa, During the event, in addition to a conference, material was given to the attendees


About me

Daniel Arias is graduated in Political Science and Administration, as well as in International Migration, his firsts professional experiences were in the non-profit organizations, is during a couple of years, the part in Spanish of the Italian journal Africanews.it.
In 2013 started his career in the tourism industry and Airports, working as a freelance tour guide in Scotland, making a special collaboration with escociatours.com by the time it was created. In 2015 after left Scotland, the Camino de Santiago is getting his speciality, making during the last 5 year a special collaboration, being the local contact for one of the biggest TTOO in the Camino, at the same time who makes other collaboration with other companies and institutions.
Green marketing and find different strategies and new touristic products are mainline for the future of aroundthecamino.com.as well of keeping the collaboration in the Camino


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